Want to create a custom tour with Sublime Scotland?

The tours described are just a few of the many tours we offer all around Scotland, every year. What we do best are personalised, customised tours. If you have only one day, or many days, we will create the tour with you to make sure it is everything you ever dreamt for your visit to our beautiful Scotland.

Would you prefer to mix and match two of the tours we have described already? 

Let us know what are your favourite parts and we will do the rest?

Would you like a little more time at each place to really get to know the locals and the area?

Perhaps stay in one place for a week and have three or four separate day tours, returning to base every evening?

Do you have a special hobby or interest you would love to enjoy in Scotland?

Perhaps one of you would like to climb to the top of a mountain, while the other has an afternoon shopping for tartan?

Do you long to explore some of the Scottish islands which are less touristy such as Arran, Gigha or Lismore??

Would you love to spend a week completely immersed in our Pictish history, the Neolithic period or the Bronze Age?

Do you have a family tree you want to explore?

Walk in the footsteps of your forebears and feel the life they led?

Are you a foodie?

Do you know that Scotland has some of the best, young, award winning chefs who offer fine dining or casual excellence in the most stunning of settings?

If the answer to any of these is YES, please get in touch. 

We will discuss all the options with you and prepare an outline itinerary and a quote for you. This will be your tour. It will be unique and special.
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