Border Abbeys and Abbotsford House

One day tour

Leave Edinburgh or Stirling and travel through the rolling landscapes of the rich farmlands of the Border region. Famed for the constant struggles across the border with England across the centuries, we travel back in time to explore the Border Abbeys.

Marvel at Jedburgh - one of the four great abbeys established in the Scottish Borders in the 1100s.  Augustinians were priests who for the most part lived a secluded and contemplative life, but also went forth to minister to the people.

Monastic life was largely routine. But the abbey’s border location meant it was caught up in the conflict between Scotland and England in the later Middle Ages.

This region is often overlooked but has retained an atmosphere quite different to the rest of Scotland.

Enjoy lunch in one of the charming Border villages with the local shops and cafes.

Visit the home of one of Scotland’s greatest writers, Sir Walter Scott. Explore the fantastic library, his personal collections from around the globe, and the beautifully restored garden.

Discover a place so beloved by Robert the Bruce, he chose it as the final resting place for his heart. Melrose Abbey is a magnificent ruin on a grand scale.

Return to Edinburgh or Stirling after a day exploring this often-forgotten region of Scotland.