Historic Stirling in the heart of Scotland

January 17, 2018

Old Town, Stirling

Historic Stirling in the heart of Scotland is a destination not to be missed on any Scottish vacation. Less than one hour from either Edinburgh or Glasgow, it has a wealth of history and exciting places to explore and our Sublime Scotland tours include one or more days exploring this fascinating city.

Stirling Castle sits high above the old medieval town on an imposing rock. The journey up to the Castle takes us past the Church of the Holy Rude, the Tolbooth and Old Town Jail. Kings and Queens of the Stuart monarchy enjoyed the safety and security of the Castle. The Royal Palace built by James VI in the 1540’s was the home of Mary Queen of Scots as a child and when she returned from France to take up the throne in Scotland.

Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle

The Church of the Holy Rude is the only working church in the UK  apart from Westminster Abbey to have witnessed a coronation. James VI was crowned here in 1567.

In 1651 the Church was attacked by Cromwell’s troops and bullet holes can still be seen on the tower.

Stirling is also a must see destination for anyone keen to follow in the footsteps of William Wallace. The Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297 took place at the River Forth and although the original wooden bridge is no longer seen, the medieval stone Stirling Bridge is the place to gain the best views of the National Wallace Monument. Built during Victorian times (1869) the monument tells the story of the fight against King Edward I when William Wallace used clever tactics to beat off the challenge of the superior forces of the Government troops.

Enjoying the view at the National Wallace Monument



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