September 1, 2020

Visit the amazing Kilmartin Glen

During August we were lucky enough to take a two day road trip around the bustling ferry port of Oban. This was a wonderful chance to search out new places for our tours, We love to share with each other special places we have enjoyed on a tour.

Standing Stones

Scotland is amazingly rich in in ancient monuments, These are mainly found in the Western and Northern Isles. However often overlooked are the amazing places around the mainland of Scotland. Kilmartin Glen is one of these places and has a stunning collection of ancient and even prehistoric monuments.

Kilmartin Glen

Standing Stones

Kilmartin Glen is a perfect half way stop between the fishing village of Tarbert and the port of Oban in Argyll. A new museum has been designed and hopefully work on the building will start in 2020 as there is such an important story to tell. This ancient landscape and the people who lived there so many thousands of years ago.

Kilmartin Glen

Standing Stones

Cup and Ring Marks

There are more than 800 ancient monuments within a six-mile radius of the village, with 150 of them being prehistoric. Monuments include standing stones, a henge monument, numerous cists, and a "linear cemetery" comprising five burial cairns. Several of these, as well as many natural rocks, are decorated with mysterious  cup and ring marks. Examine this art form of these ancient people. Touch one of the stones.

Cup and ring Kilmartin Glen

Cup and Ring marks

We  visited in August, with COVID19 impacting hugely on tourism in Scotland and across the world. Explore this amazing place with no-one else around. It is a true hidden gem and even when people are travelling once more we know that it will never be busy.

Stroll to the south of the glen and the remains of the fortress of the Scots at Dunadd, a royal centre of Dal Riata. This is on the edge of the Moine Mhòr or Great Moss. When Kilmartin Museum reopens it will continue to inspire and educate. It does this by interpreting, explaining and conserving the internationally important archaeological landscape, artefacts and natural heritage of Kilmartin Glen.

Burial Cairn

Kilmartin Glen

Nether Largie South Cairn

We will return to this wonderful place with our visitors on tour!


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